4 Tools for Creating Engaging Social Media Graphics

4 Tools for Creating Engaging Social Media Graphics

Creating social media graphics

Show notes

Do you need some new tools to create engaging social media graphics?

One way to grab attention while people are scrolling through their social media accounts is by creating striking and engaging social media graphics.

In this episode I share a few of my favourite tools, plus mention this blog post with 4 more resources

Create Engaging Social Media Graphics with These 8 Tools and Resources http://www.socialmediamarketingtipscanada.com/create-engaging-social-media-graphics/

Tools mentioned: Wavve.co http://wavve.co/ PicMonkey www.picmonkey.com Promo Republic http://get.promorepublic.com/the-social-launch/ Pablo https://pablo.buffer.com/ Canva www.canva.com

Easy Photo Editing Video Tutorial https://youtu.be/GpR6IhyGv2I

Get more resources here http://www.socialmediamarketingtipscanada.com/create-engaging-social-media-graphics/



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