How to Manage Your Social Media Accounts During the Holidays

How to Manage Your Social Media Accounts During the Holidays

Tips for planning and scheduling to social media or digital detox

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Here are a few ways you can tell your audience you won’t be online, and some tips for maximizing your time on social media so that you appear active but really aren’t spending your whole time online.

Tell your audience

  • Take an appropriate photo of you relaxing, a photo with your family, or maybe share an image of a tropical destination that you are going to over the holidays.
  • Write a story about why you are taking a ‘digital detox’ of your own.
  • Tell your audience how to contact you or when they can reach you again.
  • If you need to have an outlet for people to contact you, identify that method here, whether it’s sending an email or direct them to your contact page on your website.
  • By writing out detailed instruction and information about when you are returning, your audience will know exactly when they can contact you again.

Manage Your Facebook Messages

One way to effectively manage your social media on Facebook is to adjust your message settings.

Another great feature to use within Facebook Messenger is to Show a Messenger Greeting

Get the full details and steps here

Plan Ahead and Schedule

If you want your social media accounts to remain active during the holidays (because people will be checking social media during the holidays), planning ahead and scheduling will help so you can at least be worry-free that you don’t need to think of a post.

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