Pinterest for Business: Beginner Tips

Pinterest for Business: Beginner Tips

Getting started on Pinterest

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Are you trying to use Pinterest for business?

Do you need some tips and strategies to get started?

If you’ve ever been on Pinterest, you know that it is an amazing resource for finding delicious recipes, cool landscaping ideas and fun activities to keep your kids occupied. But you can also use Pinterest for business.

I follow some amazing bloggers like Melyssa Griffin and Peg Fitzpatrick who use Pinterest to grow their community and gain much more awareness of their blog posts. These are huge account and they have thousands of followers, so while I didn’t expect overnight Pinterest traffic, I do see the potential in using Pinterest to grow my website traffic to my blog posts.

When I checked my analytics, I noticed that I was getting little to no traffic from Pinterest. Here are some of the ways I helped optimize my Pinterest account and increase my website traffic from Pinterest.

Links mentioned: Pinterest blog post: Social Warfare: Tailwind: Pingroupie to find Pinterest groups:

Hidden text mentioned in the episode:

If you want to use that hidden text, simply copy and paste this text into the text (not visual) bottom of your blog post and change the IMAGEURL.jpg to your image url:


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