Scheduling Your Social Media Posts

Scheduling Your Social Media Posts

Why should I schedule social media posts?

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Should You Schedule Your Social Media Posts?

This is such a common topic among business owners and even social media managers; should I schedule social media posts for my business?

The short answer is yes. But of course, there is a long answer.

Maintaining your social media accounts can be time-consuming, especially if you want to be consistent and always top of mind with customers and potential customers. Once you setup your social media accounts, you’ve just begun. Now you need to maintain your accounts and post daily, or at least 3-5 times a week.

Why would I schedule my social media posts?

When you schedule your social media posts weekly, or monthly, you will have consistent content being posted each day and you don’t have to worry each day about what you are going to post and you won’t have to go into your accounts daily to post. This gives you more time to engage and answer any questions each day.

Why schedule your posts:

Consistency Save time Post at ideal times (based on your analytics) Global brands can post when their audience is online One thing that makes most things easier is a plan. When you have a plan for your social media and know what you plan to post each day, it makes it much easier and faster to post.


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