The Power of Using Hashtags on Social Media

The Power of Using Hashtags on Social Media

How do i use a hashtag on Instagram and Twitter?

Show notes

Are you using hashtags on social media? Or are you totally confused about what they are and why you use them? In this episode, I review what a hashtag is, why to use them and some tips and tricks for how to use hashtags properly.

A hashtag (#) is simply a way to tag a social media post with a word or short phrase. Hashtags are searchable so you can use them for specific locations, subjects, or events.

Although you can use hashtags on any social media site, they work better and make more sense on Twitter and Instagram in particular. I have seen (and tried) using hashtags on Facebook, but they just haven’t seemed to take off the same as on Twitter and Instagram.

I wouldn’t use a hashtag on Pinterest, and definitely not on LinkedIn.

Hashtags that get a lot of mentions and are popular get featured in the trending topics area of Twitter. If any of these trending topics make sense for you to use, you can use them in a post and your content could get seen by more people.

Using 1-2 hashtags per Tweet is acceptable, and make sure it is relevant to your topic. A hashtag can be used anywhere within your Tweet, it doesn’t have to be at the end.

Make sure when you use a new hashtag to research it so that you don’t use it in an offensive way.

You can use up to 30 hashtags per Instagram post (this is common and not weird). Use hashtags that actually relate to that post, so that anyone who finds you via the explore option would be more likely to interact with your content.

Hashtags make your content searchable, and using the trending area on Twitter and Search area on Instagram, gives you a chance to build up your account, which helps when you are getting started on social media. When you are looking to collaborate on a project, searching by relevant hashtags can help you find like-minded accounts.

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