To Schedule Your Social Media Posts or Not to Schedule

To Schedule Your Social Media Posts or Not to Schedule

Should you schedule your social media posts for business?

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Have you ever wondered how some businesses manage to have consistent content on all of their social media platforms? Chances are they use a social media management tool (or a combination of a few), which is basically a scheduler for your social media posts (though they are much more than just a scheduler).

How do you find the best social media scheduler for your business? In this post, I share my own experience with several, and share an informative infographic that rates the top 5 best social media management tools available; Agora Pulse, Sprout Social, Buffer, Sendible and Hootsuite.

Why should I schedule social media posts?

Scheduling your social media posts does a couple things:

  • provides consistent content all week/month
  • saves time by batching graphics and posts
  • saves more time because you spend less time 'looking around' and browsing for content
  • gives you more time during the week to interact and engage with your community
  • When you use a social media scheduler, it helps you to be more consistent on any social media platform, because you can choose one day a week or month, sit down to create your graphics and posts, schedule them, and then it's done.

You still want to monitor throughout the week to make sure you are answering questions and interacting with your followers, but you know that your accounts are being updated daily (or however often you decide works best for your business).

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