Weight Loss for Your Social Media

Weight Loss for Your Social Media

Social media audit, goals and saving time online

Show notes

What is weight loss for your social media? One of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions is weight loss; but what about trimming down your time, money and energy spent on social media?

Social media is important to incorporate into your marketing strategy, but sometimes you need to do an audit, see what’s working for your business, and cut-out what’s not working- or revise it.

Trim down the number of social media platforms you are on- if they aren’t working for you.

Here are some tips for trimming down the non-essential social media platforms, and discovering tools to help save you time.

Conduct a social media audit

Determine your overall goal for social media for your business (brand awareness, number of new leads, email sign ups, app downloads, etc.) and then goals for each platform you are using, as each platform could have a unique goal.

Then, take an inventory of all your social media platforms.

Check out my blog for details.

Learn how to use the platforms

You could be wasting a lot of valuable time on social media, simply because you don’t know how to use the platform, or don’t know where to find things. There are some great social media learning platforms available.

For a low-cost, beginner social media course, check out my new course for less than $50.

Tools to save you time online

I love tools to help save time on social media and there are many low-cost or even free tools you can use.



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