What is IGTV and How Do I use it?

What is IGTV and How Do I use it?

IGTV tutorial and tips

Show notes

Today we are talking all about IGTV and before you say oh well I don’t need another platform, this is more of an episode about how to repurpose your existing videos and use on instagram, while getting more views on IGTV. IGTV is basically YouTube for Instagram. So if you’re creating videos, you might a well be getting as much use of them as possible and that means using IGTV

Quick IGTV FAQ’s

How to upload videos to IGTV

  1. Create an IGTV channel From the Instagram app or IGTV app:

    • Tap the IGTV symbol (TV with line inside)
    • in the top right of Feed, or open the IGTV app.
    • Tap the circle wheel icon
  2. Make sure you have the proper sized video- I use Kapwing.com to resize to IGTV so wording fits. (Check out episode 111 for more details on Kapwing and resizing your videos https://the-social-launch.zencast.website/episodes/111) You could also record a vertical video.

  3. From IGTV, click on the plus symbol to add a video (aim for 1 minute)

  4. Complete title and description

  5. important add a preview to your feed! This is so important because your video will show up on your Instagram profile, and if someone finds interesting, they can click to watch the full video. So basically you’re getting your content on 2 platforms at once. Another note** you can also add to Facebook at the same time!

Another awesome feature of IGTV is that for smaller accounts who want the swipe up feature and don’t have, you can link your Instagram stories to your IGTV videos! Another thing you can do with your IGTV videos, is send to people directly. So when you click into one of your videos, see the little paper airplane type icon, click that and direct message it.

This is SUCH a great way of getting more views, even if its only a handful at first, why not get more views on a video you already created?



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