What is the Instagram Shadowban?

What is the Instagram Shadowban?

Are your Instagram hashtags banned?

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What is the Instagram Shadowban? Basically it means that certain hashtags you use on your posts could be ‘banned’ on Instagram and affect your account from being shown in the explore area of those specific hashtags. You and your followers would still see your posts, but anyone else would not.

I read about the Instagram Shadowban and found a tool to check if your account was banned. I used the tool and it said my account was banned, but when I checked the hashtags, I could see my posts.

I heard from a couple friends and watched a video by Jasmine Star (who is awesome BTW and you can find this video on her Facebook page) and realized that you needed to check your posts from an account other than your own. She also has a great article detailing why she thinks Instagram is doing this new hashtag ban.

Once I checked my account via my personal account I found that there were some hashtags that my posts didn’t show up for, yet some hashtags that I was sure I would be banned from because I use them often, like #socialmedia, I still showed up for.

An article posted on Insider recently, detailing information about the shadowban said it was just a bug on Instagram.

Confused yet?

If you noticed that lately your Instagram account engagement or number of new followers has drastically dropped, your account could be shadowbanned.

Read more here >> http://www.socialmediamarketingtipscanada.com/instagram-shadow-ban/

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