Why You Shouldn't Give Up On Those Social Media Platforms

Why You Shouldn't Give Up On Those Social Media Platforms

Optimizing social media for better results

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When a social media platform isn't working for you, do you stop using it?

I read and heard from a few different sources that Pinterest was the tool to use to get more traffic to your website. I checked my website analytics and... barely any traffic. But... I wasn't using Pinterest to its full advantage.

I did a couple things:

  • joined Pinterest groups (using the http://pingroupie.com/ website where you can find relevant groups)
  • redesigned my old blog posts to include a custom Pinterest graphic
  • started using Tailwind to schedule
  • started pinning more of other peoples Pins.
  • keep learning from Pinterest-ninjas like Peg Fitzpatrick and Melyssa Griffin

And then I checked my analytics soon after AND! Nothing. Well, barely anything. But I wasn't patient enough and expected results too quickly.

Well I was checking my analytics the other day (not to check Pinterest, but for something else) and was pleasantly surprised when Pinterest was actually showing me some traffic.

So my advice to you is, if you have been putting in a lot of work into a platform and it just isn't doing anything for you, you might want to quit. BUT, if you aren't getting any results from a platform, look at what you're doing. Is your platform completely optimized? Are you putting in enough effort to get results?

Make the most of your social media platforms and make sure they are optimized to get the most out of them!

Links mentioned:

Social Media Optimizer course: http://thesociallaunch.thinkific.com/courses/social-media-for-business

Episode 59 https://media.zencast.fm/the-social-launch/59.mp3

More Pinterest beginner tips http://www.socialmediamarketingtipscanada.com/pinterest-business-beginner-tips/

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